Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lovin’ the Louvre

We spent today at the Louvre. The building itself was amazing let alone the art inside! It was difficult not to run into people while walking because of the art on the ceiling. I took over 100 pictures of everything from the Mona Lisa to the Venus Demilo. The Louvre is a maze of rooms and corridors. We feel like we saw a lot but I am sure there is much we didn’t see. It felt kind of guilty just causally walking by so many pieces of artwork but you just can’t spend the time on each of them that they need. The Mona Lisa was behind class and partitioned off so you couldn’t get up close at all to see it. A disappointment. We had fun strolling arm in arm with an Ipod bud in one ear each listening to the music of Les Mis. It helped to think about something other than our sore legs and considering we were in France - at a former castle - we thought it was appropriate to hear the music of the revolution. We had lunch at the cafeteria inside which was actually pretty good. But, after 6 hours our feet were screaming at us so we headed outside for a rest and to take pictures of the famous glass pyramid. We spent some time standing in the perfect picture spot waiting for someone who spoke English to take our picture. We found someone but ended up taking many ourselves just by holding out the camera in front of us. We laughed like crazy and probably looked like stupid American tourists but at this point I really don’t care. Todd, once again creatively inspired by all the art, started to sketch. Did I mention he has been sketching this entire trip? He bought a tiny sketch pad and a pencil from the museum gift shop and went for it.

It turned out to be another beautiful day (topping 69 degrees!) and the whole city seemed to be out strolling around the park. We sat for awhile in chairs set up around the fountain. The Parisiens know how to relax! We headed to the _____ bridge that is very ornate and parts of which are painted in gold. After stopping for another chocolate crepe along the way of course. I just love those crepes....

We have been having trouble with our room as I might have mentioned in previous blogs. The street behind our room is VERY loud, starting at about 4:00 am. We can’t figure out what these people are yelling about or honking their horns for but we have had enough and asked to change rooms for the next two nights. We are now in a very similar room that looks out over the courtyard and are hoping there will be no party out there for the next two nights. Each night we get Godiva chocolates on our pillow and tonight there was a rose in a vase in the bathroom. Definately a nice place!

Tomorrow we are going to Versailles. The weather is calling for rain; I hope it doesn’t come!


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