Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cest Bon!

Well, I am starting a blog to keep my friends/family included in our fabulous trip to Paris.  We leave in the morning and I am still doing research and trying to make reservations for various hotels.  The hotels do have websites and communicate to potential patrons via email but trying to actually reserve a room has been a challenge.  I called over there all prepared to say, "Bonjour.  Parlez-vous anglais?" (Hello, do you speak English?) but I got a recording that was obviously trying to get me to either leave a message, choose an option from a list, or order a french poodle - I couldn't tell and hung up.  Is this how the trip will go?  "Ah, silleee Amerecans."  I am still waiting to hear from some chateau's.  Hoping to stay in an actual french castle!  

I will keep you posted and upload pictures if I am not drop dead tired every night!


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