Friday, October 24, 2008

A little rain must fall

Todd looking thru his binoculars at the cliffs beyond at Utah beach.

Marylynne likes the BIG guns!

American Cemetery

Left over harbor pieces at Gold beach.

Lunch at the Bayeux Tapestry.  We couldn't take pictures of the tapestry for obvious reasons!  It is only 900+ years old after all....

Today in Honfleur (see pic from previous blog) started off cold and rainy.  We had hoped to spend some time down at the harbor enjoying the view.  We ended up going into a little church that was built by local boat builders (no cathedral architects were living in Honfluer at the time so they did the best they could).  The ceiling looks like the hull of a boat!  They say if you flipped the church over it would float.  

With the help of Bobus, we made our way through small towns to Bayeux where the 1000 year old tapestry hangs.  We had an interesting education about William the conqueror and about tapestry making.  We had lunch at a VERY little restaurant but it was fabulous and right across the street from the tapestry!  We both had salads to start and then I had chicken with a camembert cheese and Todd had pepper steak.  Yummy!  Full and satisfied we got back in the car to Bobus and drove to Arromanches, one of the little towns that canvas the D-day beaches.  Our cute little B&B sits just across the street from the British/Canadian beaches so we started here.  There are still remnants of the harbor that was built in 11 days after the beach was taken while the fighting continued further inland.  The weather still wasn't cooperating so we drove down the beach to the American cemetery.  There is a very nice US run monument/museum there along with the famous cemetery filled with white crosses.  It is a humbling place.  We didn't have much time to fully see the museum so we went out to the cemetery instead.  It is immaculately kept, green grass and perfect lines of crosses.  Many of the graves had small flowers left behind.  At the west end of the cemetery there is a small church with a beautifully painted ceiling.  I hope I can post pictures of all this.  I keep getting cut off this server! 

When the cemetery closed we drove further west to be able to walk down to the Omaha beach.  There was still a German bunker on the hill with a machine gun sticking out of it!  We were able to climb inside.  It was a chilling place, not the same spirit as the cemetery for sure but it might have been the trash and urine smell!  We walked along the beach for awhile totally ALONE.  There wasn't another person around for miles.  It was nice - but getting cold.  We took a bunch of pictures and talked about what it must have been like on that day.  Todd being such a history buff filled me in on many details I didn't know.  We had a nice time.  I took a few flat rocks to bring home and we headed for the car.  We are driving a cute little black, standard shift, desel engine, american made car!  I can't think of the name right now but I really like it!  Let me tell you, some of these roads through the small towns are VERY thin.  When we see a truck coming Todd usually pulls over and I close my eyes and pray they don't hit us!  For a slow moving society the people sure drive FAST!

Tomorrow we are going to Mont St. Michel, an old Abbey fortress on an island further west of here.  For now I am hoping I can get this to post and am going to sleep!  Sorry the post is so short.  I have written it almost 3 times now and it keeps freezing up on me and the internet goes out.  I will try to post pictures later!


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