Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dallas Airport

The next three blogs I wrote while waiting for internet access....

I am in the Dallas airport without any WiFi access. I am sitting on the floor waiting for our flight. Todd is off trying to find some kind of business center. How do you NOT have internet access! Geesh, it is the 21st century right? This combined with the lack of any reasonably quick way to get from gate to gate and I am convinced Denver is the greatest city in the world! Ha!

When we checked in in Denver the woman at the counter said she had two seats for us on the side of the plane but that they didn’t “go back”. They were together, it was only a 1.5 hour flight and we weren’t tired so we said, “okay”. When we got on the plane we were on the side but the wrong side. It was three seats and they did go back. Okay, maybe she meant the next flight. Wait, no, I need seats that go back on a 10 hour flight! When we arrived in Dallas I asked the woman at this desk about our seats.

“Those are nice seats, they’re in the center of the plane.” (Wait, the center of the plane meaning the actual center or seats on the side in the center?)
“Do they go back?” I asked.
“Of course they do”, she answered.
“But the last woman said they didn’t.”
“Well, these are good seats.”

Great, someone is wrong and I have a feeling Mrs. Old Lady, too much makeup, big hair Dallas is wrong. I guarantee you that NO ONE will be happy if my seats don’t go back. I was going to push it and ask to be upgraded to first class but she just had that look, you know the look that says, “You are no one, don’t bother me.” So, I chickened out and will wait and see if my seats do, in fact, go back.

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